The following subcontractors can access our customer's personal data. The data controller has approved the use of these subcontractors at the agreement of the data processing agreement.

At the entry into force of the data processing contractor, the data controller has specifically approved the use of the below subcontractors for the particular treatment described for the party. The data processor can not, without the data controller's specific and written approval, apply the individual subcontractor to a "different" processing than agreed or allow another subcontractor to perform the described processing.

This list is updated 21/05-2018.

If new subcontractors are added to this list, all customers will be informed accordingly.
Subcontractor Country Legal Basis Function Description of treatment
Stripe USA Privacy Shield Subscription Payment Stripe is used to handle subscription payments. Stripe has access to payment information on payments made on this page.
DigitalOcean England   Server hosting DigitalOcean is used for server hosting and storage of all personal data.
Mailgun USA Privacy Shield E-Mail Mailgun is used for sending emails from the system. Mailgun has access to the contents of all mails sent from the system. Danmark   Invoicing is used for sending and receiving EAN invoices.
GitHub USA Privacy Shield Version control GitHub is used for version control. GitHub does not have access to personal data.